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10 Wireless Earbuds Featured at CES 2017

Wireless earbuds have suffered from connectivity problems and poor battery life, resulting in several production delays. Manufacturers are finally starting to get these bugs sorted out, though. In fac

CES 2017: Standout Headphones

CES 2017: Standout Headphones CES is likely the most opportune time to see and hear what electronics manufacturers are most excited about and what they predict the buying public will be interested in

Beats vs. Bose: Which Is the Better Value?

 A good set of headphones is a value unto itself. When you add technological advances, such as Bluetooth capability and no wires, noise-cancelling and long-lasting batteries, a set of stereo head

5 Best Headphones for Running

Whether you're just starting to learn to enjoy running, you've been jogging around your local park for years to stay in shape, or you're a competitive runner, there's no denying that music motivates y

Headphones & Earbuds That Look Like Headphones

Whether you're searching for in-ear earbud headphones, earplug earbuds or wireless earbud headphones, you're going to get essentially the same thing, with a few exceptions. The best way to choose head

Best Earbuds Review

When you’re looking to invest in earbuds, sound quality and comfort are probably two of the top features on your list. It can be difficult to strike a balance between design and sound quality in

Wireless Earbuds or Wired Earbuds: Choosing the Best Earbuds for You

Ever since I got my first Walkman in the late '80s for my eighth birthday, I've rarely been without music, which means I've rarely been without earphones. I've owned and tested almost every brand on t

Wireless Earbuds: How to Choose the Best Workout Music

There are many advantages to supplementing your exercise with music. Not only can music provide a distraction from your environment so that you can focus on your exercises, it can distract you from th

Best Bluetooth Headphones for a Silent Disco Party

Although a silent disco sounds like an outdated party your grandparents would have enjoyed, silent discos are actually high-tech, hugely popular events. Instead of listening to live music or a DJ thro

Audio Quality in a Wireless World: How to Keep the "Hi" in Wireless Hi-Fi

Wireless speakers offer an unmatched level of convenience in today's fast-paced world, but we've traded significant amounts of audio quality in exchange for that convenience. However, there are ways

4 Pieces to Planning the Perfect Pool Party

It’s your time to shine. The neighborhood is joining you at your house for the block party of the year. You have the food and the pool, but no idea how to entertain your guests. Look no further than t

5 Reasons Why You Need Wireless Earbuds

Transferring data over the airwaves instead of through a cord is becoming more the norm than the exception these days. One of these great innovations is in the field of wireless earbuds. You can now h

Top 10 Best Bass Tracks for Your Playlist

Editor's Note: This article last updated September 21, 2015. Across genres and decades, many artists have incorporated that deep, booming bass into their music. Bass isn't unique to rock or hip-hop,

How to Be a Digital Audiophile

For music lovers, living in the digital world has its advantages. Thousands of songs fit on devices smaller than your hand, high-quality stereo headphones are extremely affordable and vast libraries

The Science of Sound: Music to My Ears

While listening to your new Bluetooth headphones, do you ever stop to think how your mind perceives each sound? The ear is one of the most complex tools on the human body. It has three main parts: the

Best Bluetooth Earbuds Revealed

Mobile consumers understand the importance of wireless products that don't tie them down. TopTenREVIEWS has just released a comparison of the best wireless earbuds that are Bluetooth compatible. They

Top 5 Reasons to Use Bluetooth Enabled Earbuds

There is more to embracing Bluetooth technology than being that weird person whom everyone else in the room thinks is talking to himself. Being able to keep your phone in your pocket and not kink your

Sonos Wireless HiFi System: Wireless Bliss and Integration Frustrations

The Sonos Wireless HiFi system is the latest craze in the audio community, but is it everything it is hyped up to be? With a few weaknesses in terms of ease of setup, indexing and search capabilities,

The Secret to Tangle-Free Earbuds

You toss your earbuds loosely into your backpack and they end up in a sailor’s knot. You wrap them carefully in a coil and keep them in a pouch, but they somehow still end up in a half-hitch. You buy

Sync by 50 Wireless Headphones

Every once in a while we come across a product that doesn’t quite make it into one of our review categories, but really deserves a nice call-out anyway. Recently we came across one of those products i

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